Iceland Ring Road: A Self-Guided Drive

Doing a self guided drive allows you the freedom to create your own adventure and spend your time blissfully enjoy nature’s authentic beauty in Iceland.

For our Self-Guided tour around Iceland, we opted for a camper van for the following reasons:

HEAT. It was around -6 degrees celsius at night (in March), so a heater was a must! Thankfully the camper van came with a heater which ran on a separate battery to the vehicle! 

EAT ON DEMAND AND SAVE MONEY. Unlike a car or SUV, the camper van came with a propane burner and cooking utensils. This removed the additional costs of eating out. Furthermore, I could wrap my cold fingers around a hot brew, at any time of the day or night.

NO HASSLES. You know, the dreaded hassles of packing, and unpacking at each and every stop? Well, the camper van removes all of this. I unpacked once and spent my time concentrating on what really mattered, the unmistakable beauty of Iceland.

NO TIME PRESSURES. There’s no rushing to hotels each evening, nor is there the feeling that I was going to be kicked out in the morning if I wanted an additional 10 minutes of ‘shut-eye’, before starting my next adventure.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind When Doing A Self-Guided Tour of Iceland

If driving during the winter months, ensure you are experienced driving in winter conditions (see video below). Not only will you have to contend with snow and ice but severe winds which can cause snow drifts to build up on the road and reduce visibility.

If the thought of gripping onto the steering wheel all day without flinching doesn’t excite you, then be sure to visit Iceland in the summer months.

Petrol ranged between 191 – 206 ISK per litre (£1.38 – £1.49 / litre) at the time of our adventure in March 2018. So, be sure to budget for fuel costs when creating your itinerary. We drove a staggering 2400 kilometres in just 8 days!

In Iceland, you must camp in a designated campground. So, be sure to check that campsites are open before travelling, as most are closed during winter.

It’s all about the experience!

Most campsites have a kitchen and eating area, which is the perfect place to speak with other travellers and hear about their adventures. Even with extensive research, there are hidden gems all over Iceland that you can only discover by connecting with others.

Driving around Iceland a was fascinating experience!