Iceland Ring Road: Top 10 Tips

1) Water Bottles

 Bring water bottles or buy some disposable ones (they’re quite expensive) and fill them up in rivers as you go along. Natural water in Iceland is the best water I’ve ever drank.  

2) Glacier Tours

Book a Glacier tour.  Personally, I am not a fan of tours as I find they tend to be expensive and deliver little value. However, I wish I had booked a glacier tour. 

I had no idea they were so majestic and absolutely breathtaking as I had never seen one before. I will never forget coming around corners and seeing these gorgeous white and teal blue glacier on the side of mountains. 

3) Self- Guided Drive – Gas/Diesel

Doing a self-guided drive around Iceland – gas is really expensive so try to fill up at gas stations positioned close to Bonus grocery stores. They were about 10 ISK cheaper per litre.  If you have a Costco card, I recommend that you filling up there before returning your vehicle as it was at least 30 ISK cheaper per liter.

4) Groceries

Krónan and Bonus are the discount grocery stores in Iceland. These stores are significantly (yet still expensive) cheaper than other stores.

5) Skin Cream

Bring skin cream – my skin became extremely dry while we were there. 

6) Adventures

Plan extra time as you never know what you may find while exploring Iceland. There is a never-ending list of things to do in Iceland, and you can spend hours and hours exploring some areas of Iceland.  

7) Summer/Winter Experiences

Summer and winter experiences in Iceland vary greatly – something to bear in mind when researching things to do. 

8) Pools/Nature Baths 

Almost every town has a local pool, which cost about 1000 ISK per person. There are also nature baths, such as the Myvatn Nature Baths and the Blue Lagoon, however these are quite expensive. If you choose to visit the Blue Lagoon book tickets well in advance as they sell out quickly. 

9) Road no 37

 When exploring Road no 37, I recommend you start from the furthest side away, which is Gullfoss and work your way back to the Ring Road. That way if you spend longer at one attraction and do not complete all of the attractions on your list, you won’t have to backtrack the next day.  

10) Clothing

Dress in layers as the weather changes frequently and the wind can be quite chilly, especially in the south.