Visit Prague: The Prague Card

To buy a Prague Card or Not

Usually, I don’t buy the city passes because rarely do I find them to be good value for the money; however, I thought I would give the Prague Pass a go.  

I liked their website because it was easy to compare what I wanted to see with the cost, then I could determine if it was more efficient to buy the card or pay for each attraction individually.  After doing this, I discovered that it would be a lot cheaper to buy the pass. 

I love saving money, and I like to manage my finances efficiently during my travels, so I was definitely on board for the card.

I landed in Prague late on a Sunday Night so my holiday basically started on Monday.  My return flight was midday on following Thursday, so I had three full days and one-half day to explore Prague and the surrounding areas.

My plan was to visit attractions within in Prague on Monday and Tuesday and visit Terezin Concentration Camp on Wednesday and then visit any other attractions I had missed on Thursday.

Here is where the problem lies – what I wanted to see in 48 hours and what I could actually see were two different things.  Furthermore, several attractions were closed on Mondays, so I had to visit them on other days, which happened to be outside my 48-hour plan, costing me an extra 300 CZK. There were also a few attractions that I thought were free, as part of the Prague Card Scheme, that turned out to be discounted, so that cost me an additional 560 CZK. 

In the end the Prague Card was €58; however, I would have spent €51 if I had decided to pay for the attractions individually.

 I definitely didn’t save money. However, it was convenient to show the Prague Card rather than having to carry cash or use credit cards at each attraction.  

Another benefit of having the Prague card is free public transportation. This was really convenient as I could get on any metro, tram, or bus without having to worry about tickets. It also saved me time as I could easily hop on and off as I went to the next attraction. 

Overall, I would say that having the Prague Card positively impacted my adventures as I ended up visiting several exciting attractions that I wouldn’t have visited if I opted to pay for it individually, however from a financial stance – it didn’t end up being cheaper.  

See our website for more information about the Prague card.