Attractions in Riga

Holocaust Monument

This monument is located where the Riga Choral Synagogue was burned and destroyed by the Nazis. The Holocaust Monument was unveiled to honoured those who provided safety for over 400 Jews during WWII. 

25/27 Jauniela - Art Nouveau Building

The outside of this building is beautifully decorated in Art Nouveau.

Albert Street - Art Nouveau

This street is famous for it’s Art Nouveau buildings. 

Riga Castle

The castle is currently used by the President of Latvia, however parts will be open to the public in 2018.

The Black Cats of Riga

During the 14th century many artisans and merchants joined a guild. Getting into guild was a great honour, just as getting declined was a great insult. A local merchant was greatly offended when he was refused entry so as an act of revenge he attached two arched black cats to the top of his roof with their backsides facing the merchants who had snubbed him. For obvious reasons the local merchants were displeased with the figurines.  As an act of truce, the snubbed merchant was accepted into the guild and he turned the cats to face outwards. The cats are still located on the roof.  

Old City Walls & Swedish Gate

Originally built in the 13th and 14th century, the city wall used to surround Old Town to keep invaders out. Most of it was torn down in the 1800’s, however parts were rebuilt during the Soviet era. The Swedish Gate was built in 1698, during Swedish rule of Riga, to access the area outside the Old City Walls. A few legends suggest the Swedish Gate was built by a merchant who wanted to avoid paying taxes and another suggests a Latvian girl fell in love with a Swedish soldier, which was illegal at the time, so they built the gate to see each other.

Maza Gilde (Small Guild)

The ‘Small Guild’ has unique Neo-Gothic design features. During the summer months visitors can take guided tours of the building.  

Riga IT Demo Centre at the National Library of Latvia

The Riga IT Demo Centre features the latest technologies created by various Latvian IT companies, such as: biometric solutions, virtual assistants, 360 degree virtual tours, and 3D printer. To visit this attraction, tourists must book guided tours in advance by contacting the Riga IT Demo Centre.