Central Market

About the Central Market

The idea of having one central market came to light in 1909, however World War I delayed building works. After the War, the Riga City Council approved plans to build the new Central Market as the previous one was too small and unsanitary. Klavs Lawrence used hangar iron, similar design to airplane hangars, as the main structure. During the Soviet era, the market became known as the Central Kolkhoz Market and was said to be the best in all of the Soviet Union. In 1997, the market became a UNESCO World Heritage building, along with Old Riga. Today, it is still a bustling market with merchants selling a variety items, such as food (fruit, meat, dairy, baked goods), clothing, souvenirs, and knitted items

General Information

Address: 7, Negu St., Riga

Telephone: +37167229985

Email: tirgus@rct.lv

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Tickets Prices

 Free to enter the market

Public Transportation

The closest tram & bus stop is Centrāltirgus.

It’s approximately a 5 minute walk from the stop.

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Hours of Operation

7 am to 6 pm – Daily

*Some sections open and/or close within 30 minutes of the above time.


Useful Information

There is a large selection of fruit and vegetables, breads and pastries, souvenirs, dairy products, alcohol.

Interested in hand crafted beer?  This is a little pub located inside the Central Market that offers beer to drink there and take away.

The market can be very busy so keep your belongings with you and watch out for pickpockets.

Several travellers recommend stopping the market and most spend between 1 and 2 hours there.  

Attractions near the Central Market

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Spīķeri District

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