Churches in Riga

St. James Cathedral

Dedicated to St James the Greater, St. James Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Riga. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Cathedral is open daily for tourist visits. There is a Barricades Memorial next to the cathedral. 

St John’s Church

St. Johns Church is an Lutheran Church and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Works of art depicting the Saint, such as, a large painting and a stained glass window, are located inside the church. Visitors can tour the church and attend concerts.

Riga Peitav-Shul Choral Synagogue

The Riga Peitav-Shul Choral Synagogue was the only synagogue in Riga to survive the Holocaust. Visitors can see various ornaments located throughout the Synagogue that feature elements of Ancient Egyptian and Assrian-Babylonian styles. 

St. Saviour's Anglican Church

During the early 19th century several British Nationals resided in Latvia as it became the largest industrialised city in the Baltics. This included British Sailors, who on occasion, caused problems resulting in incarceration. In response to this, a British businessman set up a British Poor Fund to provide relief and build a church. During the Soviet era, church services were prohibited so the building was used by the Riga Polytechnic Institute’s Student Club. Upon Latvia regaining their independence, a congregation was formed again and services resumed.

Temple of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevskiy

Also known as Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church, this church is one of the most honoured Orthodox churches in Riga. Built in the 18th century, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and known for it’s wooden architecture. 

Old St. Gertrude's Church

Old St. Gertrude Church is a parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. This Neo-Gothic style church was first mentioned in the early 15th century. Visitors can tour the church and attend concerts.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

This is Roman Catholic church was built in 1785. It was the first stone church in Riga and was designed using a Classicism style to blend in with the surrounding buildings. The church is located at Pils Square, near the Riga Castle.