Day Trips from Rome

Thinking of Taking a Day Trip?

Italy’s established rail network allows easy travel between cities.   

Book train tickets directly through Trenitalia’s website


Tivoli is approximately 35 minutes from Rome by train.

There are many different attractions, such as: Villas, Archeological sites, Thermal Baths, various Churches, Squares, and Listed Buildings.


Orvieto is approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes from Rome by train.

From the train station, take the Orvieto Funicular and then a local bus to the City of Orvieto

There are several attractions, such as: Orvieto’s Cliff, The Fanum Voltumnae Archeological Site, The Cannicella Necropolis and Sanctuary, Saint Juvenal’s Church.


Assisi is approximately 2.5 hours from Rome by train.

There are several museums and various Roman, medieval, religious, Renaissance and Baroque Sites to visit.


Tarquinia is approximately 1 Hour 30 minutes from Rome by train. 

Top things to see: Necropoli di Tarquinia, Chiesa di San Pancrazio, Tibidabo Beach, Santa Maria di Castello, Museo Nazionale Tarquiniense.