Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

About the Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

The area surrounding this museum was once the designated area for Jewish people during World War II. Thousands of people were killed in various massacres while the Nazi regime burned synagogues and forced those that did survive into deplorable living conditions. The goal of the museum (as stated on their website), ‘We strive to preserve the lessons of the past and help the world progress to a future filled with more kinds, compassion and tolerance’. Visitors will see a wall with over 70,000 names of those killed, a train car used to transport Jews, a Tree of Hope honouring those who risked their lives to save Jews during the Nazi occupation, a refurbished house depicting how the Jewish lived at that time.  

General Information

Address: Maskavas iela 14A, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Riga

Telephone: +37167791784

Email: rgm@rgm.lv

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Tickets Prices

By Donation – Adult: €5 (per person) and Children (per child): €3 is recommended.

*There are donations boxes located at various spots without the museum area.


Public Transportation

It’s approximately a 15 – 20 minute walk from Old Town.

The closest tram & bus stop is Turgeņeva iela.

It’s approximately a 5 minute walk from the stop.

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Hours of Operation

10 am to 6 pm – Sunday to Friday



Useful Information

The Museum entrance can be difficult to find as the sign is not at the entrance.  Look for a wire fence and a rail car.

Most of the museum is outside so dress appropriately for the weather that day.

This museum can be very emotionally moving for some visitors. 

There is also a room dedicated to the Armenian massacre.  

Visitors can purchase books at the book store. 

Attractions near the Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum

Central Market

Spīķeri District

Panorama Riga Observation Deck

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