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Riga Public Transportation Information

Transport Info Helpline: +8001919

Email: info@rigassatiksme.lv

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General Information

Tickets are valid on buses, trolleybuses, and tram services within the urban area of Riga.

IMPORTANT: Tickets must be validated using the magnetic-electronic readers located inside buses or trams.

Student tickets can only be purchased by holders of blue e-ticket cards or Riga resident cards.

The yellow e-ticket is recommended for tourists.  See website for more information.  

There is no public transportation with the Old Town area.

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices Per Trip

Single – € 1.15

2 Trips – €2.30

4 Trips – €4.60

5 Trips – €5.75

10 Trips – €10.90

20 Trips – €20.70

50 Trips – €50.60

Time Ticket Prices

1 Hour – €2.30

24 Hour (all routes) – €5

3 Day (all routes) – €10

5 Day (one route) – €9

5 Day (all routes) – €15

*There may be a surcharge when purchasing tickets from the bus or tram driver.

Riga Tram

Where to Buy Tickets

Public Transportation Drivers (have exact change)

Ticket Vending Machines

Post Offices

Tourist Information Centres

Narvesen Stores (located throughout Riga)